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12/07/2006: From then 'til now...
From then
It's done. We put together lots of pictures of nearly 10 years Skafield. You can take a look at them at the pictures section. We also added a few shows for 2006 and 2007, there'll be some more soon.
11/22/2006: Create your own hell - Out now / Website Relaunch
Create your own hell - Out now / Website Relaunch
Finally we made it...our new album "Create your own hell" is out and available for sale. It's available in Germany in every recordstore, people in the USA and Canada can check out Choke Distribution / www.choked.com or Asian Man Records / www.asianmanrecords.com . Also, as you see, our new website is online after a few weeks of "coming soon" stuff. We also have a brandnew Onlineshop, where you can order our new album, new T-Shirts, Zipper, Hoodies...You also can order "Create your own hell" worldwide through www.leechrecords.net/shop
07/26/2006: RELEASEPARTY
Finally, the date is fixed! Mark the 16th of September on your calendar and celebrate the show with us. In the "Tourdates" section, there's some first information. More stuff will follow soon on a special Website...
07/05/2006: NEWS NEWS NEWS
Yeah, sorry about the news lag, but we were a little bit too busy the last two months... Therefore we have some more news for you right now. Our new record has returned from the Blasting Room Studios Colorado, where Jason Livermore(Good Riddance, Rise Against, Useless ID) did a great job with mastering the record, and the result is great. And like they always say, this is the best album we recorded so far ;-) . Our new "baby" is called "Create your own hell" and will be released on September 1st 2006 on Leech Records/ Cargo Records. You can get an impression at our myspace site, where two of the new songs are available. The date of our record release party will be fixed in the next weeks. Our Cover artwork is in the magic hands of Marcello from Marcy Artwork/Italy. Like he says on his website, the stuff he does is "mmm...delicious". The most important innovation on the premises of Skafield is our new booking agency. Weird World Promotion from Wuppertal will book our shows from now on. For booking a show you can get in touch with Jan. And if all this is not enough for you, you can buy some new merch and visit the new website soon. We'll play just a few shows in the next 2 months so that we can hit the stages in fall with more power than ever before...
03/31/2006: 3...2...1...Kickoff
The recording of our new album starts tomorrow. If you're able to read some german you can check our Diary.
03/15/2006: Shows, New Record, Studio
Right now we're preparing for the recording sessions for our new album. We'll start recording on Aril 1st at the SU2 Studio. The Mixing of the record will happen there, mastering will be done in Fort Collins / USA at the Blasting Room, where Jason Livermoore (Good Riddance, Rise Against, Useless ID...) will be working on the songs. The Album will be released on Leech Records in September. There are also a lot of new shows confirmed, one of the most exciting shows will be on April 15th together with Less Than Jake. Check the tourdates for more information.
01/07/2006: Short update.
Our page at Purevolume ( www.purevolume/skafield ) hasn't been updatet for some time now...i updatet it today. There you can now download the song "Leaving New York" (the version that's on the 7"). Also you should go and visit our page at Myspace ( www.myspace.com/skafield ) and check things out.
01/03/2006: Happy new year
At the beginning of 2006 we have a lot to tell. There are some nice shows coming in January. While we're not playing shows, we will continue working on the songs for the album.10 Songs are already finished and we'll write some more. The recordings for the album are planned for April & May, therefore we will enter the SU2 Studio, where Phillipp (the owner of the studio) will record the songs. The songs will leave Germany for the mixing and mastering, but we don't know exactly where they will go. The record will be released in late summer on our favorite label Leech Records. Besides, we will put one of our songs on the compilation "Music for the living? Vol. 1", which will be released in March on Ashcan Records from Luxembourg. We also have some more plans for this year. Playing shows, a new website and some more things...we'll let you know about our ideas.That's it for now, the first update for 2006. Short but lots of news.
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