Long Beach Records
Smiling At The Tragedy
Smiling At The Tragedy
Jump Up! Records
Fantastic Slapstick / Less Than Jake styled ska-punk that sounds VERY American! One of the best foreign ska punk albums of all time!

Enough Fanzine
First full length by these Skapunksters from Germany. Most Skapunk nowadays have the problem of not being too tight on their instruments and therefore sounding terrible when it comes to slower parts in their song. Therefore Skafield really surprised me, as the seem to be a lot better in playing their instruments than your average Skapunk band. This CD offers 12 songs of mostly fast forward punky Ska in the vein of bands like i.e. Mustard Plug or old Rantanplan (with English lyrics). Luckily Skafield are varied enough to preserve this album from being another faster than groovy Skapunk album. So this is a decent one.

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Smiling At The Tragedy

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