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Memories in Melodies
Memories in Melodies - CD
April 2010, Long Beach Records Europe, LBRE013
Recorded October 2009 by Phil Hillen at SU2 Studio

1) Memories in melodies
2) Get up your lame ass
3) Desperate condition
4) From the cradle to the grave
5) Long way to paradise
6) Humility and trust
7) Kinnwasser
8) Nothing better
9) No hero so far
10) T.G.I.F.
11) Unity through music (feat. Mike Park)
12) A friend in need is a friend indeed
13) Tomorrow is already here
Create your own hell
Create your own hell - CD
September 2006, Leech Records, Leech072
Recorded April - May 2006 by Phil Hillen at SU2 Studio

1) From then ‘til now
2) Burning horizon
3) Create your own hell
4) Today there’s no tomorrow
5) Fool for a day, fool for a lifetime
6) Growing up the hard way
7) Over it
8) Pirates of rock
9) The art of losing
10) World of disbelief
11) Next exit
12) ...and the story never ends
Smiling At The Tragedy
Smiling At The Tragedy - CD
August 2003, Leech Records, Leech056
Recorded March - June 2003 by Michael Schmidt at Death Tone Studio

1) A sparetime job
2) Hit the road
3) Evil bar
4) Empty bottle
5) Leaving N.Y.C.
6) Interdependence day
7) Shitty me
8) Not in my name
9) Smiling at the tragedy
10) Brownnoser
11) S.P.S.T.D.S.
12) In the meantime
13) Bonustrack: Social outsider
Interdependence Day
Interdependence Day - 7"
June 2002, Fond Of Life Records, FOL003
Recorded April 2002 by Michael Schmidt at Death Tone Studio


Seite A:
1) Interdependence day
2) Leaving New York

Seite B:
1) Hanna Barbera Show
2) 2) Do you like her ?
Fasten Your Seat-Belts
Fasten Your Seat-Belts - CD
April 2001, Leech Records, Leech041
Recorded September - November 2000 by Christian Walter at Tiny Groove Studio

1) Intro
2) Not enough
3) Fate of oomorrow
4) Smooth Song
5) You should know
6) Summer of '97
7) Hard to take
8) Sell-Outs
9) What time is it ?
From Ska to Punk Vol. 3
From Ska to Punk Vol. 3
June 2006, Wolverine Records

Skafield Track: S.P.S.T.D.S
Skartel Vol. 1
Skartel Vol. 1
May 2006, Ruddybeat Records

Skafield Track: S.P.S.T.D.S
Music for the Living
Music for the Living
April 2006, Ashcan Records

Skafield Track: Empty Bottle
Nails down a Blackboard 2
Nails down a Blackboard 3
April 2006, No way out Records

Skafield Track: S.P.S.T.D.S
The Best Fucking Ska In The World
The Best Fucking Ska In The World - CD
January 2003, Fucking Northpole Records

Other bands: Lightyear, Lame Ducks, Capdown, Link80, The Chinkees, Square, The Planet Smashers, Slow Gherkin, Rub-A-Dubs, Nguru, Fence, Shandon, Skaliners, Persiana Jones, Ex-Cathedra, The Liptones, Bluekilla, Potshot, Lubby Nugget, Mister Pringle, MU330

Skafield Track: Interdependence Day
Primsrock Volume One
Primsrock Volume One - CD
September 2002, Fond Of Life Records

18 bands from 5 years of Primsrock: Manifestation, The Turbo A.C.'s, Toxic Guineapigs, Peard, Not Available, Dongaclass, The Lucky Punch, Spy Kowlik, Steakknife, Hateclub, Dead End Street, Die Kassierer, Madcap, First 8, Pascow, Miozän, Loaded Younx

Skafield Track: Leaving New York
Mailorder Is Fun In Europe
Mailorder Is Fun In Europe - CD
August 2002, Leech Records/Asian Man Europe

Asian Man / Leech Records Compilation: The Lawrence Arms, Link80, MU330, Polysics, Tuesday, Less Than Jake, The Chinkees, Travoltas, Big D. & The Kids Table, Potshot, Alkaline Trio, Softball, Peacocks, Korea Girl, Slapstick, Dan Potthast, Chris Murray, The Planet Smashers, Nguru, Kalles Kaviar, The Double Deckers, Snitch, Subb, Admiral James T., Bodybag

Skafield Track: Summer of '97
From Punk To Ska Vol. 2
From Punk To Ska Vol. 2 - DoCD
June 2002, Wolverine Records

Other bands: Loaded, Hammerhai, Terrorgruppe, The Busters, Benuts, Skin of Tears, Kick Joneses, Nguru, No Authority, Skunk , First 8, Plastic Skanksters, Wisecräcker, Human Hamster Hybrids u.a.
Total of 52 Bands on 2 CDs

Skafield Track: Not Enough
Happy Days
Happy Days - CD
April 2000, Moskito Home Records, MHR03

Other bands: First 8, Rückkopplung, Los Stupidos, Brainless Wankers, Day For Day, Last To Go u.a.

Skafield Tracks:
Fate of tomorrow
What time is it?